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We all want to be part of a community that supports, never judges and promotes inclusion and love. This is the mission that drives Rini K, a musical artist, producer and entrepreneur. This philosophy embodied her recently released album, 6n7, and is the foundation of her work. Now, with an enthusiastic fan base known as the “Riniacs” backing her up, Rini K is taking on more music, along with the recent launch of her YouTube channel.

Rini’s musical interest began at age 11 when she learned to play both acoustic and electric guitar. Learning guitar inspired her to try songwriting since she could then accompany lyrics with a musical instrument. After she had written her first couple of songs, Rini discovered her talent in songwriting and immediately fell in love with it, so much that she made the ambitious decision to write her first album, 6n7.

Rini’s first album, 6n7, is full of songs that are mature both lyrically and sonically. The songs each tell a story, whether it be about her own experiences or situations she watched other people in her life go through. Her fans find the music to be very relatable and catchy, with tracks such as “Alone in the Night,” “Would You Take Me Back” and “Castles on the Bay” being some of the most popular songs on the album. Rini says that her biggest influences are Halsey, Ellie Goulding, Sia, and The Chainsmokers.

The album title, 6n7, was born from the fact she wrote the songs during her sixth and seventh grades of school. However, the title goes beyond the years she wrote the music. She makes the analogy that going through your middle school years is much like becoming a new artist. When you are in middle school, it is very easy to get caught up in what your peers are doing and ignoring your values just to follow the crowd and mimic everybody else to feel comfortable in social situations. Similarly, a new artist may be tempted to follow what other musicians are doing and go about their whole brand and career plan trying to emulate what somebody else has done. New artists are often afraid to do things differently than other recent new acts. Both of these scenarios have one common factor: you have to discover your identity and know that what everybody else is doing may not always be the best thing for you. You have to make your own decisions based on what you value and know what is best for yourself.

Rini is very honest and real with her fans and talks to them both publicly and privately daily. She recently launched a new page on her official website that is dedicated just to the Riniacs. The page features posts that the fans make about her as well as some heartfelt comments that they’ve left on her social media posts. Rini makes a sincere effort in ensuring that her relationship with her fans only gets stronger and hopes that she can be someone they turn to in times of both happiness and sadness. She also wants the fans to be there for each other. Rini hosts an Instagram group chat where the Riniacs can interact with each other in a virtual group setting.

While music may be Rini’s priority, she does not want to put herself in a box. She started her own YouTube channel, called “Rini K” in which she makes weekly content that highlights Rini’s personality and other aspects of her life that fans may be interested in. Rini started the YouTube channel for many reasons, but mainly so that the fans can have an even closer relationship with her. She feels that Instagram posts and stories only give people a glimpse at her life whereas YouTube allows her to create long-form video content where fans can feel like they are hanging out with Rini and begin to know her as a friend.

Rini K is an artist that exemplifies creative ambition and believes in both the entrepreneurial spirit as well as making music that offers something more to her fans. She is on a mission to spread her music and her content to new people every day, hoping to inspire fans that are in a mindset she used to be in, which lacked confidence and self-assurance. She wants to spread the message that you need to please yourself before you can please others. Embrace what makes you happy and unique and show the world what you are made of.